posted rates subject to change, but will be updated regularly to reflect current rates


New Student Registration Fee: $75

Yearly Renewal Registration Fee: $75

School Age Registration Fee:  $55 (*separate fees apply for Summer Programs)

Fees may vary for other programs

Full time M-F (6am until 6pm)

Our pricing is based on classroom enrollment.  Ages listed are rough estimates.  For example, a child may be held in Lions room at the age of 3 because they are not ready to progress to the next class level.  This can occur for a variety of reason, from academic readiness, to potty training mastery.  Further, as a school, we make our best effort to prepare students for their academic future.  Therefore we regularly promote at the same time as our local school district.


Giraffe, Cheetah,  Lion classrooms (roughly 12m – 3yrs):  $170 per week
Ladybug, Monkeys, Dolphins, Whales (roughly 3yrs – 5yrs): $160 per week
Before AND After School Care (1st grade – 12yrs):  $75
Before OR After School Care (1st grade – 12 yrs):  $50


In addition to the above listed programs, we offer 1/2 day programs for AM curriculum studies, 3 days programs, and 1/2 day care for those enrolled in 1/2 day Kinder elsewhere.

Please visit with our Director to create a program that works for your family on days we may have open availability.  As a FT educational center, we encourage FT enrollment, however we realize that may not work for every child.

Please call GLCA for further information and pricing.  (623) 936-9147


A discount of 10% is available to families enrolling two or more children on a Full Time basis. The discount applies to the second tuition, or the tuition of lesser amount. The discount applies to tuition only.

NOTICE: These Rates Effective September 1st, 2017, but are subject to change at anytime. 

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