Summer 2018 will be here before you know it! In early Spring we will begin registering for Summer 2018 and a program link will be active at that time.  Activities, field trips, and transportation are typically all inclusive in the registration fee and weekly tuition rate.

Professional, dependable, and affordable.


We provide Before and Afterschool care for students Kinder through 12 years.  Because coordinating with multiple schools can be difficult, enrollment to the program may be limited based on the school your child attends and our ability to drop off/pick up in a timely fashion, as well as other administrative factors (such as early release days).

It is important that you provide the details of your care needs to our Director at time of enrollment so that we can make every effort to meet your expectations.

For before school care, students need to arrive on our campus not later than 7am.  This ensures we are able to depart our campus on time and ensure we reach each school destination with out students being tardy.

For after school care, we currently we transport to from 4 area schools.  Once on campus, we provide supervisory care which may include homework oversight, play time, and snacks.

Parents are expected to notify GLCA of any school absences so we can adjust our transportation schedule accordingly.  We also require advanced notice of school early release days and holidays.  The regular weekly tuition covers standard after school hours….Care for early release days, holidays, and school breaks will incur an additional charge (outlined in our rate sheet).

When several schools share a longer holiday, such as Fall or Spring Break, we MAY offer a FUN CAMP week which can include field trips and special activities.  These will be announced in advance and additional fees may apply.



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