Cheetah’s Class

Toddler’s 12 Months to 24 Months

The Cheetah’s class used to be known around the school as the younger two-year-old class, but as a school we have made many changes and this one is a big one for us. Our Cheetah’s are no longer two-years-old, they are just barely one and walking. This class is now open for enrollment and we are so excited to start enrolling full or part-time children.

Our Cheetah’s class is one of the most wonderful classes where new toddlers learn to start developing their social and emotional skills, learn to fully walk and balance and gain new knowledge of what it means to have a friend. In the Cheetah’s class we focus on learning how to fully walk without assistance, learn to start using verbal skills and where we start teaching more Christian lessons that are easily understood to a one-year-old.