Staff and Leadership

All our amazing staff here at GLCA understand that each child is unique in their qualities, experiences, and personalities with them, but one thing they all have in common is their love of ministering to children through teaching. Teaching each individual child in their own unique style of learning and getting to know their personalities as a person and not as if they are all the same. Each child is unique and should be treated as such. Our teachers strive to do just that because we understand that not every child was created the same way. We strive to teach children about God and what it means to know and love Him.

Director, Mrs. Menolia Cuff

Mrs. Menolia Cuff has been the Director at Garden Lakes Christian Academy since September 2019. Mrs. Mo has been in the ECE field for 15 years teaching all age groups and has a bachelor’s degree in Human Services. Mrs. Mo has spent time as both a teacher and an administrator and prior to becoming the Director at GLCA Mrs. Mo was a three-year-old teacher and the ECE Coordinator, helping to distribute and implement the curriculum that we have at GLCA. Mrs. Mo is currently enrolled as a student at Rio Salado College to further her education in Early Childhood Education in Applied Science in Early Childhood Administration and Management with a Certificate of Completion in Child and Family Organizations Management and Administration. Mrs. Mo has been seen multiple times running around the Sanctuary and playground playing with the children and getting them excited about living a physical and spiritual life.

Assistant Director, Mrs. Felicia Woods

Mrs. Felicia Woods has been the Assistant Director at GLCA since October 2019, coming from another preschool and is pursuing her Associate Degree of Early Childhood Education Administration and Management with a Certificate of Completion in Child and Family Organizations Management and Administration, she also has a passion and a certification for Graphic Design. Mrs. Felicia has been in the childcare field since 2010 and has worked in other areas at licensed centers as an infant lead teacher and a Director. She is now the Assistant Director at GLCA. Mrs. Felicia is passionate about teaching children about God and has been found multiple times praying with the children and helping them to get excited about learning about God. Mrs. Felicia is never seen without a smile on her face when she’s working, and the children love seeing her throughout the day.

ECE Coordinator, Mrs. Mandi Traylor

Mrs. Mandi has been at GLCA since November 2019. She has going on 10 years’ experience working in the childcare field working in both a large corporate preschool and a Christian preschool. She has worked in almost all areas of the preschool setting including as the Curriculum Coordinator for 3 years. Mrs. Mandi’s favorite part of teaching is watching the children discover new things and ideas. She enjoys reading to the children in loud and ecstatic tones to get the children more involved and excited about reading and learning something new every day. While teaching in a class is one of her passions, Mrs. Mandi also enjoys working on the Administration side of the preschool and is currently attending school to obtain her Associates of Applied Science in Early Childhood Administration and Management with a Certificate of Completion in Child and Family Organizations Management and Administration.

Office Assistant, Ms. Tina Hernandez

Ms. Tina has been working for GLCA since 2018 as our School Receptionist. She provides excellent office support to the school in the mornings and helps with filing paperwork, check children in and out if she needs to, takes the children to class in the morning and helps with deliver meals to the children every day. She has extensive experience in office management. Ms. Tina is seen every day with a smile on her face when she goes into the classes and the children look forward to her bright smile every morning. When Ms. Tina is at work the children know they will get a smile and a helping hand to get into their class, especially if the children are having a hard time leaving their parents. Ms. Tina loves meeting new parents and children and getting to know them on their first day of school.

Church and Office Assistant, Mrs. Corrie Hicks

Ms. Corrie is one of the many faces the children get excited to see every day at school. She has been a part of the church for five years and part of preschool staff since 2017. Mrs. Corrie works as the receptionist in the afternoons when needed. She also helps to go into the classes, pick the school age children up from school and will help to answer phone calls and resumes on the Administrative side of the school. Mrs. Corrie has been known to also set up some fun and exciting Summer Camp activities for the school age program each year. She provides excellent customer service and solid support and assistance for the school. She has years’ experience in office management. She is also the Ministry Assistant for First Baptist Church Garden Lakes. Ms. Corrie is currently enrolled on school to obtain her Associates of Applied Science in Early Childhood Administration and Management with a Certificate of Completion in Child and Family Organizations Management and Administration.

Giraffe’s Teacher, Ms. Ashly Rychen

Ms. Ashly is our newest infant teacher with several years experience working in a preschool setting. She has worked with infants in the past and believes that

Cheetah’s Teacher, Mrs. Danielle Grant

Mrs. Dani has been working at GLCA since February 2020 and started in the Toddler classroom and is now currently the two-year-old teacher. She has been working in the childcare field as a preschool teacher for six years in all areas of the school and loves working with the toddler and infants. She has several years’ experience working in the infant class and takes some of the skills she learned at her previous center and brought them into the classes at GLCA. Mrs. Dani loves reading to the children and teaching the toddler and two-year-old class to sing and dance. She has been seen several times throughout the day taking the children on walks and helping them to learn and discover new things. Mrs. Dani loves incorporating live animals in her class and is in the process of trying to set up a fish tank in her class for the children to learn about and care for the fish.

Ladybugs Teacher, Ms. Kathy Banks

Ms. Kathy has been teaching at GLCA since 2018 as support for the Ladybugs Class with Ms. Gege in the afternoons. She brings with her decades of teaching and experience in Early Childhood Education. When she comes into class at naptime the children get excited and want to give her a hug instead of laying down for nap. Ms. Kathy enjoys reading books with her students in the afternoons and provides a nurturing environment for the three-year-old children. Ms. Kathy brings a smile on her face every day and will sit down with the children to do afternoon artwork. She has a passion for working with the threes class but is known by all the children in the school for her wonderful and bright smile in the afternoons after nap time.

Polar Bear’s Teacher, Ms. Jessica Scherlek

Ms. Jessica has worked in childcare for four years both of which were a Christian Preschool and has been with GLCA since October 2019. She has always wanted to work in childcare and started as a nanny for several years before deciding to move onto a preschool setting. Ms. Jessi has worked in all the classes at GLCA! Ms. Jessi enjoys working with all age groups but has recently discovered a passion for working with the school age children. She loves reading to the children and running around with them while they are outside or in the Sanctuary. Ms. Jessi helps in any classroom that she is needed in each day but focuses on the older children right now.