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In our playground the children get to express themselves in many ways with all the activities they can do. The outdoors is where children sometimes have the most fun to run off energy and be as loud as they want without disrupting others who are learning.

With climbing and play structures for all ages there is never enough time to not run around. We have a bike path and bikes for all ages and abilities, sand and water tables for year round fun, chalk for coloring on the ground, jump ropes, hula hoops, and so much more fun. When it gets hot outside in the summer we have a weekly water day and set up obstacle courses and lots of water activities for the children to play. Our teachers will occasionally set up different learning activities that can be done outside or the children have free play as well. When the weather is just right, why not have a picnic for lunch, go on a nature walk around the school, or plant a garden!

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