“My two year old knows his colors, shapes, letters, can count and knows much of his ABCs. He would rather be read to than watch TV. I owe this all to his wonderful daycare.” – Gina


“We wanted to say thank you for everything you have done for our daughter Kyah over the past few years.  Everyone has been so kind, loving and full of Spirit.  All of Kyah’s teachers have been amazing over the years….. it an easy transition for a first time Mom as Kyah would always run to her and I could feel more at ease….. was so creative in her lessons and is GREAT at engaging the kids.  Ms. GeGe Rocks! She has spent extra time working with Kyah and given me great feedback on her progress. . . . Everyone has made an impact on our daughter.  It was nice to see the smiling faces in the morning and afternoon……..You have a wonderful program and we hope to be back!!  With sincere appreciation and warmest thanks to you. Love, Seth, Jamie, and xxxx  XXXXX.”



“I want to thank the Monkey’s class teachers for doing such an amazing job with my son.  They are both very kind and caring.  It brings me so much comfort knowing that my son is so happy and being cared for in a loving way.  I have already seen so much growth in him, not just academically, but socially and emotionally.  I appreciate all the hard work they are doing and I want them to know that my son adores them.  Thank you so much for making a difference in my son’s life!”


“GLCA has been such a blessing! My boys look forward to going to school.  They come home singing new songs & telling me about their stories & activities.  I hear them learning & see them putting their lessons into practice. It’s obvious that they are developing a strong educational foundation that is rooted in biblical principles.  I am so thankful for the events that led us to GLCA & I am grateful for the influence the teachers, assistants & administrators are having on my children!”   -2 students.  Giraffes (12+ mos) & Lions (Older 2’s)

2 thoughts on “Testimonials/Reviews

  1. Kristen R.

    My son Canaan has been going to school at GLCA for a little over a month. He is in the Cheetahs class and he loves it! I know he is learning so much because he comes home singing songs (he’s 19 months) and he is so happy. He has made TONS of little friends and I love their values and Christian morals… I would reccommend this school to anyone.

  2. Tiffany

    My son has been attending over a month & loves going to school. He is excited to talk about what he did every day & has learned so much already! Its a nice weight off a parents shoulder knowing they enjoy where they are going on top of getting what they need at their age. “monkey class” 😉

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